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Young people & Children

Young people and children live in a world that is often beyond their capacity to process.  Our world is fast-paced, academically demanding with a myriad of social pressures that change as the quickly as fashion trends.  Peer pressure, pressure from social media , bullying at school/clubs, friendship issues and eating disorders are amongst the top issues they face.  Abuse of any form, physical, emotional, sexual or psychological can impact greatly on all developmental stages.  Their challenges can present in traditional ways such as depression and anxiety, but very often they can be more complex and easier to hide at first.  Some of the presenting signs can also mask as normal developmental behaviour for young people dealing with puberty challenges and ensuing hormonal fluctuations.

  • Withdrawn, awkward
  • Angry, aggressive
  • Extremely Body conscious
  • Changes in Eating Habits/Severe Weight Loss/Hoarding and gorging on food
  • Attracted to risky behaviours

The fine line is knowing when something isn’t right with your child or young person.  If you aren’t sure, it’s best to offer some support to your young person, as early intervention is preferable.  Once we have completed the assessment process and we proceed, a young person can be offered :-

  • Safe and confidential place to discuss emotions and behaviours that concern them
  • A way to explore external issues that they may struggle with (eg school, socially)
  • New coping strategies to tackle overwhelming emotions
  • Lifestyle ideas and skills to implement for a holistic approach to well-being.