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Fertility or lack thereof seems like the new challenge of recent generations.  Life looks very different in many aspects than it did perhaps in the 1970s or 1960s.  It can be a true struggle for couples to understand the nature of what’s impacting on their fertility.  Very often it becomes all consuming and the desire to start or continue a family can feel like a huge mountain to climb.

Emotionally wellbeing and stress levels have an enormous impact on how our bodies operate, and we now live in a time we have the science to back this up.  Cortisol is a wonderful hormone that has it’s function, but if we live a stressful life, it’s consistent oversupply is like a stop sign to our bodies.  You can be supported to

  • Recognise the areas of stress in your life
  • Adjust the areas that are easily changed
  • Address areas of your life that contribute to prolonged or chronic stress
  • Work though relationship challenges
  • Discuss what your individual hopes and expectations of parenting might be

Food supply – how we eat greatly impacts on how not only our body but our minds operate.  If you’re nervous system is well fed then it can significantly reduce the levels of anxiety and stress experienced.  The positive knock on effect from that is often the body begins to receive a better balanced food intake and can function better.

Very often, both parties can benefit from optimising their health prior to conception (recommended by many if you know you hope to conceive).  Making small steady changes can lead to significant improvements. This may include

  • Achieving an optimal BMI
  • Eating wholesome (preferably organic) foods
  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol
  • For the male partner, reduce coffee intake as it greatly affects sperm quality and mobility

There are numerous other avenues that can be pursued and combined with counselling to optimise the physiological side of conception.  These referrals can be discussed in counselling sessions.