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Depression is more commonly acknowledge and appears more widespread in our society than ever before.  Symptoms to look for include but not limited to are

  • Poor sleep- Insomnia
  • Lack of interest in normal life activities
  • Persistent Low Mood that doesn’t change
  • Changes in appetite (over indulging/loss of appetite)
  • Loss/changes in Libido

Like all emotions, depression can be on a scale from low or moderate, right up to severe where functioning in daily life becomes almost impossible.  The good news is, it’s never too late to seek support.  Obviously the earlier in the process you seek support the shorter the climb back up the ladder to what feels ‘normal’ again.

Counselling can help by figuring out the factors that are impacting on feeling this way.  Very often a combination of several smaller changes can combine to give a more rounded sense of well-being.  Diet, exercise, social media usage, being in nature – are things that can be decreased or increased or improved to make a change in your life, and sooner than you might think possible.