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Couples Therapy

Married, defacto, or not long together, relationships require a daily, weekly balance of emotional, physical and practical balance.  Even in the courtship phase, couples can struggle to figure out the perfect ‘dance’ of making things flow better.  Communication is key in all aspects.  Whilst there are often clear specifics why a couple may find themselves needing support (eg. an affair), very often it is the run-of-the-mill life challenges that become overwhelming.   This can result in

  • Increase in disagreements
  • Emotional shutdown/withdrawal
  • Misunderstanding of key issues
  • Sexual relationship challenges

Counselling can help you learn how to communicate clearly.  I regularly find that couples are a lot more brave in a therapy room, than they might be having a chat in their own living room.  My role is to support you to learn how to define what issues are key, to explore if and how these issues may be resolved.  Even some short term counselling can set you up for a much brighter future together.  I offer a range of services including

  • Short or Longer term relationship/marriage counselling
  • Premarital counselling
  • Pre-cohabiting counselling
  • Post separation/post divorce counselling

If you have already separated or are about to do so, you can also be supported to separate and divorce in harmony.  If there are children involved, this is key to maintain healthy relationships for all involved, to lessen the severity of the impact on children.