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The high-pace, high-expectations set in our modern world has led to a unprecedented rise in the number of people experiencing anxiety, including children and young people.  Our bodies are set up for very short term stress (fight/flight) and this is essential to our survival.  However if we find ourselves living this way as a constant, it can have significant and serious affects of physical and mental well-being.  Anxiety most often presents in a combination of symptoms, including physical ones. Symptoms may include ;-

  • Poor quality sleep/insomnia
  • Constant state of worry
  • Inability to sit easy [always need to be on the go]
  • Heart palpatations
  • Cold, sweaty palms or feet
  • Panic or fear becomes a daily way of living

Counselling is a very effective tool to start working towards having a more balanced body, mind and lifestyle.  Together we can look at and address the key factors in your life that contribute to these challenges.  All aspects of your life will be supported to enable you to have a more harmonious life, on a daily basis.

As few as 6-8 sessions of counselling, can make a huge difference to an individual and see them soaring in a way they never imagined possible.  Whilst changing for the positive, it can also be challenging, so have the support of a counsellor can make this happen more effectively and consistently.