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  • Comment On The Importance Of Human Life

  • Comment On The Importance Of Human Life

  • Comment On The Importance Of Human Life

There is nothing in this world that prepares you for the loss of a child. As early as a miscarriage or in the early weeks and months.

Breaking the silence on infant loss is truly important. No more pain will be felt, it will only be shared if you acknowledge someone’s loss. There’s a double cruelty in that the time one expects to be most joyous, it becomes for many the worst time in their life.

Infant Loss includes miscarriage, non-viable pregnancy, abortion, stillbirth, SIDS (after birth before one year, unexplained) and death following illness or chronic health issue.

If you’ve just given birth to a child sleeping or about to, there is some important information you can learn about, to support you through this challenging time. A few hospital trusts in the UK have ‘cold cots’ which allow your baby to have considerable time with you after their birth and the cot preserves their body. Others have Flex Mort – a similar idea.

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